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Talisa came to be into the complimentary City of Volantis, the oldest and largest associated with complimentary Cities.

Talisa came to be into the complimentary City of Volantis, the oldest and largest associated with complimentary Cities.

Portrayed by

Queen Talisa Stark, nee Maegyr, ended up being a healer regarding the battlefields associated with the Westerlands, where she came across the King into the North, Robb Stark, dropped in love him, and became pregnant with their child with him, eventually married.


When Talisa had been 12, her moms and dads decided to go to a wedding which lasted a few days and left her with her more youthful cousin. The 2nd time these people were gone was the hottest time in Volantis, so she and her bro joined up with one other kids to opt for a swim when you look at the River Rhoyne. While she had been speaking with a pal, she realized that her bro had been lacking. Sooner or later, she discovered him drifting face down in water. Talisa and her buddy pulled him towards the coast but he had been dead. Abruptly, a guy with a tattoo of the seafood on their face (marking him being a vessel servant) arrived and pushed her away. Had he was reported by her, it could have meant death for the servant for touching a noble. The slave kept pressing straight down on her behalf sibling’s chest over repeatedly until he had been revived. Since the servant cradled her cousin and calmed him down, Talisa ended up being motivated because of the servant’s selfless work. She dec >1

Talisa has a tendency to a wounded lannister soldier after the Battle of Oxcross, discovering that their foot has to be amputated. King Robb Stark aids her by keeping the guy down and providing him a gag to bite on, pointing down that it is much better than biting their tongue.

Talisa explains her pacifistic neutrality to Robb.

Following the procedure Talisa criticizes Robb for fighting to usurp the top with out an alternative master, Robb states he could be yet to win. Talisa also highlights that the wounded soldier had been a fisherman who had previously been conscripted, like numerous others, in to the Lannister military and therefore the forces Robb’s military beaten weren’t trained soldiers when it comes to part that is most. She was there to save him and she responds by saying it was unlucky for the soldier that Robb was as she leaves, Robb tells Talisa that the soldier was lucky. 2

Robb presents Talisa to Catelyn.

Talisa follows Robb Stark’s army camp since it moves. Robb introduces her to his mother Catelyn Stark, as soon as she asks about her household, Talisa claims that their title is „Maegyr“. Talisa claims that being from Volantis, this woman isn’t knowledgeable about the games of nobility found in the Seven Kingdoms. Robb watches Talisa as she renders and Catelyn reminds him that he’s maybe not liberated to love where he can. 3

Talisa asks Robb for assistance.

After a gathering together with bannermen, Talisa seeks Robb away to ask to get more supplies that are medical. She’s got heard Robb is approximately to go out of for The Crag to negotiate a surrender, which includes the things she requires. She desires to compose an inventory to deliver into the Crag’s maester, but Robb indicates she should have him and acquire the materials by by by herself. 4 On their long ago they discuss Robb’s dad plus the classes he taught Robb about looking after their topics. They’ve been interrupted by news that Catelyn has released Robb’s key prisoner Jaime Lannister. Talisa later goes to comfort Robb. After she reveals a lot more of her past to him they admit their shared feelings for example another and now have intercourse. 1

Talisa and Robb marry.

Robb speaks to their mom about Talisa. Catelyn says that she and Eddard had been an arranged marriage, they barely knew one another, and yet found delight together. Nonetheless, Robb wants significantly more than that possibility. Talisa and Robb marry in key before a septon, pledging their everyday lives to each other. 5

Talisa departs from her discussion from Robb, failing woefully to persuade him to fix their relationship with Catelyn.

Whilst at Harrenhal, that has been abadoned by the Lannister forces, Talisa concerns Robb’s harsh remedy for their mother, nurses an expelled previous maester, Qyburn, returning to wellness. 6 later on, whenever recalling to Robb about her mom’s prejudices towards Westerosi whenever Bolton that is roose arrives the news headlines of Hoster Tully’s death and that Winterfell was sacked with Bran and Rickon Stark nevertheless lacking. Whilst travelling to Riverrun for Hoster Tully’s funeral, Talisa notices that Catelyn is making a prayer wheel for the Faith associated with Seven. Talisa proposes to assist her, but Catelyn describes that they’ll simply be produced by moms that are praying for the welfare of the young ones. Whenever Talisa asks her mother-in-law if she made them before, Catelyn claims twice, lately on her behalf younger son Bran to survive their autumn briefly ahead of the current war started.

Talisa attends Hoster’s funeral.

Catelyn then continues on to show to Talisa that the time that is first made one was years early in the day for Jon Snow, Robb’s half-brother, as he arrived straight down using the pox, one thing Catelyn related to her prayers for Jon to perish and which she repented by guaranteeing to love him like her very own. Talisa asks if Jon survived, and Catelyn responds which he d >7

Talisa conveniences Robb following a departure of this Karstarks.

While at Riverrun, she comforts Robb and tries to help him together with battle strategizing. She has a tendency latin women for marriage to two wounded young Lannister squires. Once they are murdered by Rickard Karstark in a petty revenge on Jaime Lannister, she together with remainder of Robb’s household desire Robb to spare Karstark and deliver him into the night of Watch following the war to keep the Karstarks, however their pleas fall on deaf ears and Robb beheads him, resulting in the Karstark army abandoning Robb and making their numbers exhausted. Robb later admits to Talisa which he must have paid attention to her advice. She shows which he attempt to use the battle into the Lannisters should they will not started to him, but he describes that attacking the administrative centre is suic >8

Talisa appears lovingly at her spouse.

on the path to the Twins, Brynden Tully remarks to their lateness, along with the undeniable fact that Walder Frey will need insult to the. Then he apologises for their program language, but Talisa states that she actually is accustomed such verbage due to her time around wounded soilders. After a passionate session of lovemaking with Robb, Talisa writes a page to her mom inside her Valyrian mothertongue. She teases Robb over their restricted understanding of the language prior to asking him to check out Volantis along with her following the war is finished, as Talisa wish to introduce her mom to her spouse. and her grandchild. It requires minute when it comes to news of her maternity to sink in additionally the couple cheerfully embrace. 9

Whenever Robb and their supporters reach The Twins, Lord Walder Frey inspects Talisa and insists that Robb broke his wedding pact maybe perhaps not for love, but also for „firm breasts and a taut fit.“ Their remarks that are salacious Robb to anger, but Catelyn securely puts a hand on his supply to pacify him before he does such a thing extreme. Lord Frey quickly alleviates the stress by claiming he might have „broken 50 vows with no thought that is second become with a female like Talisa at Robb’s age.

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